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Babies are truly a gift, aren't they!?!? We have so much fun photographing babies. Their chubby little cheeks, their buddah-bellies, their cute little piggy toes! We always schedule at least an hour for each baby session and we work by appointment only. That means that we have plenty of time to create beautiful portraits AND take breaks for feeding, changing, cuddling with mom or yes, sometimes even temper tantrums and naps too!! We have a private changing/nursing room for your convenience complete with extra baby wipes, lotion and other baby neccesities. So if you are tired of waiting in lines, being rushed and treated like a number and mediocre photography, then check us out today and see for yourself the difference!! If you are pregnant or just had your baby, give us a call right away at 317-569-9688 and we can tell you about our cool program to capture the first year of your baby's life at an incredible discount!


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